Today, we are going on 20+ years in the industry, and progressively growing as we stand by our vision to share expertise, educate, and show how we can solve problems by continuing to research, identify and adapt to the needs of the metal fabrication industry and extend our services to help improve other markets in various sectors. The future of automated manufacturing is exciting. It has the potential to revolutionize industry and create a more efficient and sustainable way to produce goods. Fluid Power Support is taking the next step in innovation by offering On-Demand Manufacturing and 24-hour automation laser cutting services. 

That sounds logical, but it is a big change compared to more traditional mass production where large quantities are made and then stored until needed.

Our understanding of manufacturing and assembly processes starts with us, but we take this a step further. Our fully integrated solutions are in turn closely integrated with the equipment and processes that can save time and money for Fluid Power Support and our clients. Working together towards a common set of objectives and business goals and being able to offer a vast variety of production capabilities is the next step in continuous improvement and sustainability.

From design to fabrication to metal finishing to packaging and delivery, we are crafting quality solutions for a better tomorrow. We engage with our customers to help them design better and more cost-effective solutions. We want to be your one-stop shop for precision metal fabrication and manufacturing partner. Most of our business is from returning customers, and to achieve that, we strive to provide high attention & service to every quote- and every job.


Sheet Metal


Structural Steel


Laser and
Fiber Laser Cutting


Manual Welding
and Fabrication


CNC Machining
and Robotic Welding






Powder Coating
and Abrasive Blasting

Laser Cutting and On Demand Manufacturing

Fluid Power Support now can offer 24/7 production capabilities with our newly installed Automation system that links 3 of our fastest fiber laser machines and online tools to submit your projects drawings and details with a quick and easy link on our new redesigned website. Automation brings increased efficiency, improved quality, cost savings, and flexibility. It empowers Fluid Power Support to meet the challenges of the modern world while driving innovation and sustainability. As we move forward, embracing automation will be essential as we are always looking to thrive in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

Fiber lasers have grown in popularity so significantly because they can be used in a wide range of industries for a variety of materials.  CNC fiber laser cutting can be used on materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, coated and plated metals and more! 

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is versatile and can be used for a wide variety of industries. As experts in sheet metal fabrication, we can handle just about any sheet metal fabrication job. That being said, we often work with our customers to change specifications, such as the shape, size, intricacy, materials and more to ensure the design is optimal for producing the end product. That’s why we offer manufacturing design assistance.

As a sheet metal fabrication company, we leverage advanced production equipment and skills to fabricate assemblies and frames that integrate in-house machined parts, formed parts and welding methods. Our dedication to precise fabrication of Architectural and Industrial metal products along with our unique ability to provide economical products and services to our customers set us apart as Industry leaders.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Fluid Power Support custom designs and fabricates structural steel components for a variety of applications, including commercial and industrial uses across industries with highly exacting specifications. With a state-of-the-art facility containing a wide array of design and manufacturing tools, we easily move our customers’ projects through each phase of the production process, including initial concept, incorporation of revisions, and full production runs of all sizes.

We take pride in being leaders in the metal fabrication industry, and with our experience fabricating custom structures and assemblies for a variety of applications, we can take your projects from concept to completion seamlessly and without unnecessary delays. We are pleased to have cultivated relationships with repeat customers needing structural steel components. While building custom metal structures and equipment over the past 20 years, we’ve also built a solid reputation for quality, precision, and continuous improvement – no matter what.

Manual Welding and Fabrication

Through decades of experience, craftsmanship, and innovative problem solving, our weldments meet the highest standards for quality, purity, and precision. All weldments are inspected & tested to ensure quality. Fluid Power Support offers resistance spot welding (RSW , gas metal arc welding (MIG) and gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), as well as stud welding, stainless, aluminum, & carbon welding . The type of welding will vary for each individual project.

Aimed at precision, our manual welding service ensures greater control from our skilled artisans, resulting in durable quality solutions.  We have a team of skilled craftsmen that expertly navigate challenging environments, delivering exceptional results through their expertise in manual welding.

CNC Machining and Robotics

Many industries today are turning to different types of automation as a means to speed manufacturing ability and increase repeatable accuracy. We have the ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup reduces tooling cost and labor time, resulting in a better cost per part in addition to maintaining parts conformity throughout the run of the part.

Utilizing CNC machinery and robotics for your metal fabrication needs can offer a number of advantages. First of all, it can save quite a bit of money. Because they are fast, efficient, and reliable. Robots can execute five and six-axis cuts unlike other CNC machines that have more limited axes of motion which means that robots can cut more accurately and more quickly. Furthermore, at Fluid Power Support, robots don’t replace skilled craftsman, they supplement them. As much physical labor as these robotics solutions complete, they still need the input of human workers to optimize processes and make parts to fit client needs.

Metal Forming

At Fluid Power Support, we offer a wide range of metal forming services  to fit your project. Whether it’s cutting, fabrication, stamping, machining, deep draw, bending or punching, we have you covered.

Our state-of-the-art precision press brakes contain a unique up-acting design to eliminate part canoeing and consistent production quality.  Fluid Power Support is dedicated to excellence in the metal manufacturing industry. As each job and our clients’ needs are different, our high-quality and precise punching services are designed with these needs in mind. Our tooling process is tailored to your specific order, so you don’t need to settle for anything less than what you need for your company. Our high standards of quality service and workmanship motivate us to keep going and allow us to serve you better.

CNC Saw Cutting

Shaping metals is an important process in many industries, from automotive to aerospace. At Fluid Power Support, has the experience and knowledge to provide high quality pipe, tube, and shaped steel bending services that can improve the efficiency of your business while also ensuring improved quality, safety, aesthetics, and strength of your final product. We understand the competitive landscape of the steel industry and want to help your business succeed.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve precise results, and our team of skilled craftsmen has years of experience working with all types of metals. No matter what your bending needs are, Fluid Power Support  has the solution.

Powder Coating and Abrasive Blasting

In addition to our fabrication and assembly capabilities, we offer in-house powder coating and abrasive blasting services, ensuring the delivery of fully finished precision metal components and assemblies. Powder coating is a high-quality durable finish found on thousands of products you encounter each day. Compared to liquid paint, powder coatings are more environmentally sound, durable, and safe for the whole family. Our powder coated products are easily recognizable by consumers for being Stronger. Greener. Better- the Powder Coated Tough guarantee.

We stand behind our work and quick turnaround times. No job is too large for our team! Our in-house metal powder coating services are just one component of our vast fabrication, assembly, and finishing services, which allow us to serve clients of all sizes and from all industries with on-time delivery and high-quality results.