Fluid Power Support creates top tier welding and metal fabrication solutions for various industries. With all the capabilities of a big vendor but the attention to detail of a small one, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective, projects on the industry’s shortest lead times.

Fluid Power Support’s sales and manufacturing teams are committed to designing and fabricating the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for professionally engineered & manufactured products or parts, structural steel projects and structures, or custom fabrication services or products.

Today, we are going on 20+ years in the industry, and progressively growing as we stand by our vision to share expertise, educate, and show how we can solve problems by continuing to research, identify and adapt to the needs of the metal fabrication industry and extend our services to help improve other markets in various sectors.



Fluid Power Support excels at creating custom engineering solutions for our clients. We’ll design your project from scratch, or use your specifications to create the solutions to your biggest challenges.

Whether you use our in-house engineering team to design your custom project or bring us your third party drawings, we’ll implement your design to the industry’s highest quality standards.



Fluid Power Support has been creating high quality, cost-effective welding and fabrication projects for over 20  years.

We provide the capability of a large vendor with the short lead times of a smaller one.

Our experience in precision metal fabrication and innovative technology ensures you receive a product that meets your standards, fast–all for a competitive price point.



Transport and delivery of your equipment can sometimes present as much of a challenge as its design and manufacturing.

Luckily, Fluid Power Support can provide a custom delivery solution tailor-made for your project’s needs.

We’re capable of facilitating the successful transportation, assembly of your products, including customized packaging provided for your exclusive parts.

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TRUMPF Punching Machine

Mazak Laser

Accut Kut Plasma

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